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Everyone deserves 'Feel Good Feet'. We believe well-taken care of feet is the foundation of leading a fulfilling life.


We are a mobile Foot Health Practitioner providing individual treatments in the comfort of your own home.  We cater for all ages and offer specialised services for care homes and adults with learning disabilities across the Suffolk region

Covid-19 - Foot Care Services are continuing with all the Covid secure precautions. 

Note: Our Practitioner is currently tested every week and has been vaccinated.


Our Services

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Nail Cutting

Our nails are indicators of our health. The shape, growth rate, pattern and colour can help aid diagnosis for potential diseases or toxins latent in our body. 


We check the nail plates and its structures to make sure they are in good health.


As untreated nails can cause fungal nails, ingrown toe nails, involuted nails, long and thickened nails.

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Foot Care For All

It’s important to take care of our feet. As the daily impact on our feet can cause hard skin, callous, painful corns, cracked heels and verrucas.


The discomfort from these can reduce your enjoyment of daily life. A good professional care for your feet is greatly beneficial.

This service includes nail cutting. We take extra care when providing all of our services. This is suitable of all ages include those with diabetes. 

Foot Muscles Model

Specialised Service

Care Homes and Learning Disability Residential Homes 


Our practitioner has experience working as a support worker in these environments and understands the importance of person-centred care.

We prioritise this and ensures safeguarding is in place when treating patients. 


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